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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our roofs have the highest fire resistance rating of any roofing material. Our roofing panels have been tested in accordance with many test standards (ASTM E 108-95, UBC Standard 15-2(1997), UL 790(1997), CAN S107) and have received an overall non-combustible rating.

We do not recommend installing your own metal roof. First of all, permanent metal roofs are much more sophisticated than asphalt or cedar shingles, and their proper installation is much more complicated. There would also be no installation warranty against leaks, and the manufacturer does not provide a product warranty unless an authorized installer, such as Ironwood Shake & Tile, installs your roof.

Many permanent metal roofs have lasted well over 100 years. The permanent metal roofs produced today are engineered to withstand severe weather conditions, and we believe they will outlast our lifetime warranty.

Our most economical option, Ironwood Shake, costs about 10% more than cedar shakes and approximately 50% more than asphalt or fibreglass roof but is substantially less expensive when you factor in the maintenance and replacement costs of a cedar roof. All of our profiles are priced competitively with other lifetime roofing materials, such as concrete tile. As with cedar shakes, however, a permanent metal roof has several advantages over concrete tile. (see a full comparison of roofing materials at

All of our roofing products have been tested by repeatedly dropping two-inch steel balls from a height of 20 feet. We’re happy to say that hail will not compromise your roof, nor will it crack or otherwise damage your roof’s paint finish. It’s also worth noting that, unlike most other roofing products like cedar, asphalt or fibreglass, metal doesn’t lose its impact resistance with age.

Yes. Lightning is attracted to the highest object in an area, regardless of material. Therefore, metal roofing does not attract lightning and poses no additional risk over other roofing materials.

No. Our roofs are comprised of overlapping metal panels that are fastened above an insulating underlayment, making them no noisier than any other roof during rain, hail or other inclement weather.

Your Ironwood permanent metal roof will never rust. Our roofing panels are treated with a high-quality protective coating just before the paint finish is applied in order to protect the metal from oxidization.

We offer a limited lifetime transferable warranty which is non pro-rated unlike asphalt or fibreglass conventional warranties which are pro-rated.

Simply contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, provide you with a free, no-pressure estimate and/or direct you to further information. You can also click here to visit our manufacturer’s web site.